Lillehammer 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games

Lillehammer 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games, The winter Youth Olympic Games activate Friday in Lillehammer the city-limits that captivated the 1994 Olympics. Lillehammer 2016 will run Feb 12-21. will backpack circadian video highlight bales on the website and CBC Sports app.

1. Not a mini-Olympics

To ascendancy the admeasurement of the Games, countries can’t forward athletes in every sport. Some contest are awful competitive, while others are beneath so. Around 1,100 athletes age-old 14 to 18 are accepted in Lillehammer from over 70 countries.

Lillehammer 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games

venues of the 2016 winter youth olympics

2. Team Canada

Short clue acceleration skater Isabelle Charest is Canada’s Chef de Mission. She allotment to Lillehammer area she won her aboriginal of three Olympic medals. I ambition I had this if I was adolescent said Charest. She credibility out that winter athletes accept beneath multi-sport Games compared to summer athletes.

3. Stars of tomorrow

Very rarely will Youth Olympians accomplish the next accessible Olympics, but it does happen. Swimmer Tera Van Beilen, adroit gymnasts Katrina Cameron and Anjelika Reznik competed for Canada at the London Olympics, alone two years afterwards Singapore 2010.

4. Lillehammer Nanjing Singapore Innsbruck

Lillehammer 2016 is the fourth Youth Olympic Games. The aboriginal winter adaptation was Innsbruck 2012. There accept been two summer editions: Singapore 2010 and Nanjing 2014.

5. Great opportunity

Canada will forward 54 athletes in 11 sports to Lillehammer 2016. There are 15 sports in absolute the aforementioned amount as the winter Olympics. Four years ago in Innsbruck there were 51 Canadians in 13 sports.

6. Legacy of Past Olympics

The Youth Olympics can be a dispatch stone. Wrestler Dorothy Yeats won gold at Singapore 2010 and the next year won her aboriginal chief tournament. It was one of the greatest adventures of my activity says Yeats now a Commonwealth and Pan Am Games champion.

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Youth Olympic Games 11 things to know News

7. Measuring stick

There are 13 venues for Lillehammer 2016 including absolute venues from the 1994 Olympics.

8. Introducing Monobob

One of eight new contest in Lillehammer will be the monobob which is absolutely the way it sounds abandoned bobsleigh. Women’s ski jumping was at Innsbruck 2012 afore the sport’s Olympic admission in Sochi.

9. Medals. But not as abounding as the Olympics

There will be 70 medals contest in Lillehammer. There were 98 badge contest at the Sochi Winter Games. In Rio 2016 there will be 306 badge events.

10. Not inferior worlds

The Youth Olympic Games are not a inferior apple championships either. I anticipate conceptually its a acceptable abstraction I don’t necessarily anticipate it fits for every action said Eric de Nys top achievement administrator for Biathlon Canada.

11. To be continued

The next two Youth Olympic Games are Buenos Aires 2018 summer and Lausanne 2020 winter.


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