PHF Dismayed By FIH Champions Trophy Decision News

PHF Dismayed By FIH Champions Trophy Decision News, PHF secretary Shahbaz Ahmed while talking with Dawn said there was no connection between FIH scrapping the Trophy and Pakistans refusal to participate in this years event. We took that decision in the greater interest of our team. We had short time left for preparation so without complete preparation there were certain chances of big defeats which will shatter confidence of our young team he said.

PHF Dismayed By FIH Champions Trophy Decision NewsPHF Dismayed By FIH Champions Trophy Decision News

PHF protests Champions Trophy scrap determination

The FIH Executive Board had met in Lausanne Switzerland earlier this month to give final shape to proposals for new tournaments and scrapping some old ones. When contacted PHF president Khalid Khokhar said the PHF was not informed by Qasim Zia who is an FIH board member from Pakistan about the latest developments at the FIH and its decisions.

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PHF dismayed by FIH’s Champions Trophy decision

We are not against the addition of new events but those should not be held at the cost of Champions Trophy which we introduced in 1978. He said he would take up the matter with FIH through proper channel, requesting it to reconsider its decision. Former head coach Olympian Shahnaz Sheikh also regretted over the FIH decision. The matter should be taken up with the FIH. If they want to add new events thats great but not at the cost of our baby Champions Trophy.


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