Why The Pakistan Super League Is A Win Win Situation

Why The Pakistan Super League Is A Win Win Situation, There is no limit to ambition and the Pakistan Super League PSL is one such project that has no limitations. Set to be played in Qatar in February 2016 the event promises to be the biggest the most exciting and by far the most entertaining tournament in the history of Pakistan cricket.Furthermore the financial stability the league will bring with it is likely to raise the living standards of cricketers and their happiness will ensure that Pakistan cricket is in good hands.

Why The Pakistan Super League Is A Win Win Situation

Biggest because the Pakistan Cricket Board PCB is trying to rope in the biggest names in T20 cricket; most exciting since it will feature local talent alongside international names and most entertaining because the entertainment stars on this side of the Wagah will support different teams. Interesting isnt it.

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Why The Pakistan Super League Is A Win Win

Why The Pakistan Super League Is A Win Win Situation

Pakistan cricket news Why the Pakistan Super League

The PSL is not just about cricket. It is something bigger than the game especially in Pakistan where the standard of local T20 cricket is much lower than the rest of the world. Players drop more catches than they actually hold on to patience doesnt seem to be a virtue of these cricketers and the fitness standards are below par. The much awaited Pakistan Super League is set to take cricket in this country to the next level.

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PSL plans to change all that as the involvement of foreign cricketers will make it far more interesting; not only will the bar be raised on the playing standards but sharing dressing rooms with cricketers who have won matches for their country will give the youngsters a chance to learn from the masters.

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PSL Official Logo Ceremony & Controversies

And finally the league will showcase Pakistan as a peace-loving country where cricket is worshipped as much as it is in India. The soft image of the country will show the world that there is nothing wrong with Pakistan and although the first edition will be played in Qatar a successful PSL might propel cricket back to Pakistan. And yes Pakistanis will finally have something to be proud of as well.


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